Rizwan Ahmad | Civil Service Awards 2021 | Prestigious cross-government programme to recognise the wealth of inspirational individuals

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Rizwan Ahmad

Department for Work and Pensions

Rizwan oversees over 1,990 colleagues across sixteen Jobcentres and one Service Centre in East London, an area that encompasses one of the most diverse, challenging and complex demographics in the UK. Rizwan has successfully remobilised face-to-face service delivery across the East London Jobcentre network, which includes the opening of six new Jobcentres, and recruiting, inducting and training more than a thousand new Work Coaches. His focus on supporting people back to work has resulted in the best performance at district level anywhere in the UK. Thanks to his efforts, over 5,500 young East Londoners have now joined the Kickstart programme, with East London above profile on all other Plan for Jobs measures. These achievements are testament to Rizwan’s leadership and focus.