The UK government has a strong reputation for its world class civil service and its consistent ability to deliver a high standard of public services across the country. To maintain this standing it constantly strives to improve systems, drive efficiency and think innovatively. The Civil Service Awards celebrate the very best of the civil service, enabling the sharing of best practice right across government departments.

Who is organising the Civil Service Awards?

Dods, in close collaboration with the Cabinet Office, have run the awards since their conception in 2005.

How do I enter?

Nominations have now closed, but here is the usual process.  You can enter yourself or be nominated by a colleague. A Senior Civil Servants (SCS and above) details will need to be entered to validate the nomination, however, they do not need to be contacted prior to nominating. They might be contacted if the nomination is shortlisted to for due diligence purposes. If your organisation does not have an SCS the most senior line manager, will be required.

What if I am a Senior Civil Servant?

To validate the nomination, you must have the details of someone higher than yourself within the Civil Service.

Who can enter the Civil Service Awards?

Any civil servant who is currently employed.

When will the shortlist be announced?

The shortlist will be announced on Thursday 10 October online and within Civil Service World, our media partner. 

What happens with my nomination?

Our Category Champions with their panel of experts will review all nominations and draw up a shortlist of three for each category.

Our panel of expert judges will review the shortlist and select the winners in each of the awards categories.

The winners will be announced at the prestigious Awards Ceremony in November.

Do I have to tell the person I am nominating them?

We advise that you let anyone you are nominating know that you have done so at your own discretion. It is not compulsory to do so but it is usually best to inform them in advance so they are not caught off-guard if they are shortlisted. It’s also an opportunity to let them know what fantastic work they have done!

How are the awards funded?

The Awards are cost neutral to the Civil Service, as all costs are covered by Dods, who run the event, through advertising and sponsorship from outside the Civil Service.

Why have some categories been changed?

The awards categories are reviewed every year and are refreshed and modernised to reflect the priorities of the Civil Service.

How many categories are there?

This year there are 15 categories which includes the Diversity & Inclusion Award category. This is, as always, a ‘winner of winners’ chosen from the separate Diversity & Inclusion Awards programme.

Who should I contact if I have any questions about the Awards process?

Should you need any further information please contact the team by email or call 0207 593 5655