Our 2017 winners

Congratulations to all the 2017 winners.

Teaching Excellence Framework Team

Teaching Excellence Framework Team, Department for Education

The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Policy team has led a groundbreaking policy process to create and deliver a new assessment to rate the quality of teaching in higher education providers. Despite numerous challenges, they have created a well-evidenced framework, built a groundswell of sector support (with 300 participants) and delivered the assessment on time and within budget. For the first time ever there exists an official government rating of higher education teaching – information that will be used to shape the life decisions of hundreds of thousands of prospective students and a feat the minister described as “truly incredible”. One vice-chancellor described TEF as “a massive game-changer” that would “create new hierarchies of universities”.

HMP Berwyn

HMP Berwyn Project Delivery Team, Ministry of Justice

The Berwyn Project Team embraced the core values of the Civil Service Code, developing a strong partnership between contractors, Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), Welsh government, local authorities and the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to leave a lasting legacy. The redevelopment of a former factory site in Wrexham into the first prison for North Wales has brought significant benefits to the community. By using local goods, services and labour, they boosted the economy, improved transport and provided jobs and education opportunities. The team delivered education and employment training events, published a monthly newsletter and created a community ecology garden. Annual community projects have included overhauling a playground in 2015, and creating a sensory garden in 2016. 

Waste Procurement Programme Office

Waste Procurement Programme Office, Welsh Government

The Waste Infrastructure Procurement Programme was established to implement the Welsh government's strategy, Towards Zero Waste. It supports local authorities in delivering sufficient treatment capacity to meet EU landfill diversion and statutory Welsh Government recycling targets. It has achieved large economies of scale and significant public value by bringing local authorities together in regional hubs. This collaborative approach has resulted in forecast savings of £525m to the public sector in Wales over 25 years. Once fully operational, the programme will deliver treatment capacities of 150,000 tpa for food waste and 550,000 tpa for residual waste. The facilities will provide electricity output of 56MW, enough to power 95,000 homes.


Stay Well This Winter Campaign, Public Health England

Stay Well This Winter is a collaboration between Public Health England (PHE), NHS England and  Department of Health. It engages vulnerable people to help them take better care of their health and avoid becoming so ill they need to go to hospital. The evidence indicates that admissions are best avoided by flu vaccination, heating homes to at least 18°C and visiting community health services at the first sign of illness. In its first two years, the campaign has prompted over 3 million people to seek earlier advice and treatment from pharmacies. The PHE partnership team engaged a diverse range of stakeholders, delivering over £5.5m value-in-kind in support of the campaign over the last two years.

CSA winner 2017_The Customer Service Award_BENEFIT CAP TEAM NORTHERN IRELANDx150

Benefit Cap Team Northern Ireland, Department for Communities

The team was formed to process the first element of the Welfare Reform (NI) Order 2015 which introduced a limit to benefit income that working households could receive, potentially affecting 55,400 households. This was a completely new process in NI. It was contentious, requiring excellence at all stages of processing. It involved new ways of working, detailed planning and implementation, and working in partnership with the housing division, benefit processing centres in NI, HMRC and a mitigation team. It had to adhere to strict legislative deadlines. To meet all expectations, it was important the process was sensitively implemented to a high degree of customer service and accuracy. 

CSA Winner 2017_The Dame Lesley Strathie Operational Excellence Award_Automation Delivery Centrex150

Automation Delivery Centre, HM Revenue & Customs

HMRC's Automation Delivery Centre (ADC) implements solutions that replace repetitive clerical tasks and enable employees to engage in more satisfying work. In 2016, we opened ADC to deliver robotic process automation projects. Our objective to deliver around 10 million robotic transactions by the end of 2017 was extremely challenging, involving software that had never been deployed at scale before, new working practices, skills and infrastructure. Thanks to the professionalism and creativity of our multi-disciplined teams, the ADC has already launched 51 automations that are vital components of new digital services, or which free-up staff to spend more time on customer-facing aspects of their roles.

Alison Whitney

Alison Whitney, National Cyber Security Centre, GCHQ

Alison is the visionary behind the new National Cyber Security Centre at GCHQ, now the subject of international admiration. When the security function at GCHQ was criticised for not being joined up with the digital world, Alison tried to bring about change through traditional routes – with frustrating results. So she found another way. Alison cut a deal with HMRC in Gloucester to get unclassified floorspace. She kitted it out, start-up style, with her own credit card. She brought people into the vision of a more accessible cyber security function. Then when ministers came calling, wanting a new way of doing cyber security, Alison showed them how it could be done. 

Kulvinder Bassi

Kulvinder Bassi, Department for Transport

Kul Bassi’s energy is awe-inspiring, his networking skills are the stuff of legend and he makes a tangible difference to the way people feel about working in DfT. These skills have been honed over 20 years of leading DfT's Positive Support Group. Kul is an inspiring leader, growing the membership of his network to nearly 80% of BAME people in DfT and working with his executive to build a programme of initiatives supporting members' career aspirations and raising cultural awareness. The tone and direction of his network has influenced the way we do business with all our networks and is the model for new and emerging ones. 

CSA winner 2017 - The Health & Wellbeing Award_CPS HR Directoratex150

HR Directorate, Crown Prosecution Service

CPS HR Directorate introduced a welfare support package for employees in our Rape and Serious Sexual Offences units and Complex Casework Units, following a 28% increase in the number of serious sexual offences and child abuse cases in the courts in England and Wales over the last five years. To ensure our people remained resilient, understood the importance of looking after their mental wellbeing and could recognise early signs of distress, we designed and implemented a holistic, preventative package featuring interactive line manager workshops, awareness workshops and annual counselling sessions. This has led to employees feeling their wellbeing is better supported, improved absence rates, and supported the delivery of justice.

CSA winner 2017 - The Innovation Award_ Frontier Technology Livestreamingx150

Frontier Technology Livestreaming, Department for International Development

Frontier Technology Livestreaming (FTL) is allowing Department for International Development (DfID) to explore how 3D printing, internet of things, drones and other emerging technologies can impact development challenges like connectivity, health, humanitarian response and production. FTL enables the rapid piloting, testing and refinement of new solutions – live in our programmes and countries of operation. The FTL central team is currently supporting field-based colleagues leading 10 innovative pilots in six DfID priority countries. DfID staff, through FTL, are understanding and applying at pace a new breed of technologies to longstanding development challenges. This is playing a major role in changing the way DfID works with technology, and influencing the approaches of international partners from UNICEF to USAID.

The Inspirational Leadership Award_ Sally Taylorx150

Sally Taylor, Department for International Development

Sally Taylor's inspiring leadership of Department for International Development (DfID) Sierra Leone was central to the cross-HMG response to Ebola. Her relentless enthusiasm motivated a team that was almost overwhelmed by the crisis. Sally fiercely protects the UK's reputation, delivering across all HMG's objectives. She never shies away from tough choices to improve the lives of the world's poorest people and to protect UK taxpayers' money. Sally puts people first – making staff at all grades feel empowered. She protects staff from mistakes, while ensuring they learn from them. This enables everyone to perform at their best and fulfil their potential. She has transformed the office – creating a confident, professional and results-focused department. 

The Project Delivery Excellence Award_Forth Replacement Crossing Employer's Delivery Teamx150

Forth Replacement Crossing Employer's Delivery Team, Transport Scotland

The Employer's Delivery Team for the FRC project comprised Transport Scotland and Jacobs Arup. The objective was a replacement for the Forth Road Bridge. Having decided on a three-tower cable-stayed bridge just west of the existing Forth Road Bridge, the team worked to an ambitious timetable to take the project-enabling bill through the Scottish parliament, the first such hybrid bill to do this, produce a specimen design and run a competitive dialogue procurement for the design and build contracts used to deliver the project. Costs have steadily reduced from an initial estimate of up to £4.2bn to a final out-turn cost of £1.35bn.

The Skills Award_Commercial Development Team Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agencyx150

Commercial Development Team, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

DVLA's services are used by over 91% of UK citizens. It provides these services with a network of over 240 suppliers. Commercial management and inspiring leadership is critical in ensuring excellent customer service. The challenge was to introduce a repeatable and scalable development programme. Inspired by the Civil Service Leadership Statement, the CLASS (commercial leadership and skills support) programme couples learning with a cohort structure, empowering individuals to lead change and implement improvements on subjects identified from the DVLA business plan. The change delivered has been significant, with tangible improvements realised. The programme has been repeated this year, with members of the CLASS of 2016 as role models and coaches.

The Use of Evidence Award_Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivationx150

Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, Scottish Government

The SIMD is the Scottish government's tool for finding areas of deprivation. It combines data on income, employment, health, education, access to services, crime and housing to identify where there are barriers to resources and opportunities in day-to-day living. It is increasingly used in research and policy development, and the team is providing support to the child poverty bill, Community Empowerment Act and the effort to widen access to higher education. It is a vital tool for community groups and third sector organisations. The team is supporting training to improve the use and understanding of SIMD in identifying issues to target solutions for communities across Scotland.

The Volunteering Award_Sarah Mortonx150

Sarah Morton, Department for Work & Pensions

Sarah is committed to supporting our most vulnerable members of society. She epitomises the best of civil service values in recognising and proactively addressing the needs of individuals. Sarah volunteers at Hope Project, a charity supporting homeless people. Her energy drives support for Hope Project at work and generates wider volunteering. This contributes to improved engagement, with teams working to a common cause, and ensures people living on Liverpool's streets have their most basic needs met with care. Sarah is a PIP case manager. In all interactions, she strives to deliver exceptional service. She inspires others to follow her lead, exploring new ways to help and serve our customers.