Yorkshire Prisons Group CHIS handling team

Yorkshire Prisons Group CHIS Handling Team

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In 2017 Covert human intelligence source handling team was established within the Yorkshire Prisons group at a time when the Service was facing significant criticism regarding its inability to manage CHIS effectively, or in most cases, at all. The situation had reached crisis point and needed swift remedial action. With support from the director of Yorkshire Prisons Group, custodial manager Mick Bowers and Paul Thompson and prison officers Matt Marchant, Simon Stocker, Darren Moore, Kate Miller, Fiona Dennett, Kerry Goodwin were appointed and given responsibility for setting up a Prison Group CHIS handling team, a ground breaking initiative as the unit is first ever operated externally from a prison in the history of the prison service.
The Team have established themselves and now support a huge geographical area encompassing all prisons within this geographical footprint (14). The model has been recognised nationally as best practice.
The team is funded by region and the establishments at no extra cost to the public and has achieved remarkable results by gathering intelligence which has directly reduced drug flow into prisons and therefore reduced the associated risks drugs in prison generate such as violence, bullying, self-harm, instability etc.