THINK! New Driver campaign

CSA19-THINK! New Driver campaign

THINK! is the Government’s flagship road safety campaign, tackling issues like drink driving, mobile phone use and speeding. The New Driver campaign was the first time THINK! has directly targeted new drivers, an exceptionally high-risk group, with one in five crashing in the first year after passing their test.

The campaign was part of THINK!’s ground-breaking Mates Matter strategy, which uses social practice theory to engage young men aged 17-24 and their friends, redefining what it means to be a good driver by encouraging them to challenge masculine stereotypes and look out for each other. Building on this, New Driver used audience and channel insight and harnessed the power of media partnership to achieve positive change and improve trust in the THINK! brand among young drivers.

THINK! communicated its New Driver messages through the ‘Road Whisperer’: a smooth-talking  character who shares wisdom with young drivers about challenging situations like driving at night or on country roads. An innovative, highly-targeted partnership with LADbible used Instagram stories and an ‘honest subtitles’ video showing what young men are really thinking behind the wheel, and the campaign saw the launch of an official Instagram page.