Superfast Cymru Project Delivery Team

CSA19-Superfast Cymru Project Delivery Team

The Welsh Government’s 2013-2017 Superfast Cymru project transformed the digital landscape of Wales, providing almost 733,000 premises with access to fast fibre broadband. The project was delivered in partnership with BT with a public sector investment of over £200 million.


To achieve best value for money, the small Welsh Government project team managed the contract with suppliers very closely, using contractual mechanisms to ensure fibre was delivered to premises throughout Wales. Systems were developed for high quality management and analysis of project data, allowing the team to closely manage grant claims received for enabled premises; this was critical to achieving successful outcomes. The team needed to develop expert knowledge of the contract and project data to manage the information successfully and ensure intelligent commercial decision making. Strong relationships with the supplier were strategically and closely managed to effectively deliver the contract.


The team proved their exemplary commercial skills and sound business judgement by successfully delivering the project under budget, whilst also over-delivering on the number of premises given access to superfast broadband. This close contractual management and stringent assurance processes further resulted in the exceptional outcome of over £19 million in savings and future gain share to the Welsh Government.