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The first entirely Scottish GP contract came into effect on 1 April 2018. The £900 million contract covers 950 GP practices providing around 25 million healthcare interactions every year. This complex and critical contract was negotiated over three years by a small team of Scottish Government (SG) civil servants and seconded professional advisers, working with a small team of British Medical Association negotiators.

The contract was not only negotiated in a uniquely collaborative way but for the first time it empowers all of Scotland’s 4500 GPs to work collaboratively across statutory and third sectors to improve the health of Scotland’s population.

The SG team approached the negotiations in a distinctively non-adversarial and collaborative way that broke down long-standing barriers.The teams successfully identified their joint
interest in solving the fundamental, structural problems affecting healthcare in Scotland and committed to work together to deliver. The negotiations were a success, which has been
widely acknowledged, with the lessons on negotiation and policy skills already being spread to good effect across the Scottish Government and wider public sector.