Piers Trory

CSA19 - Piers Trory

With an infectious enthusiasm for everything he is involved in, Piers drives forward the business areas he works in, currently the Aged Debt Taskforce (ADT) and previously Debt Enforcement. Piers joined HMRC four years ago and was promoted to Band O within three years as he is highly approachable, personable and knowledgeable about both the work and the impacts to and from other areas.

Despite living with dyslexia, he has proved himself to be a great communicator who goes above and beyond what is expected to help people. Whatever he is doing, and no matter how busy he is, he always makes time for his colleagues and thoroughly enjoys tackling difficult problems and finding the best outcomes.

No challenge is too small or big for him, and he works using initiative and independence to anticipate and find solutions to problems. He is the go-to person for his expert and extensive knowledge of IT systems, telephony system (KCom), performance results and statistics, processes and automatic letter issue to customers. Senior Leaders across DE and ADT regularly approach him for his expert knowledge on forecasting, workloads, outcomes and results.