ONS Data Science Campus team

CSA19-  ONS Data Science Campus team

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) Data Science Campus is a new centre of technical expertise in Government with a mission for public good. The campus, launched in 2017, adds deep professional and technical delivery in diverse areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science to the Government’s existing policy expertise, helping deliver high-impact solutions to difficult policy problems. For example, this year the campus used new data sources and novel methods to produce faster monthly indicators of UK economic activity (with the potential to spot economic swings early), to provide new analyses of international trade and develop Sustainable Development Goal indicators.

The campus has built a wide range of cross-Government capability initiatives, including project mentoring and supporting the development of a harmonised career pathway for data scientists. The campus collaborates widely in the UK and overseas, enhancing the ONS’s reputation as one of the most advanced national statistical institutes in exploiting data science approaches.

By drawing on cross-sector talent including recruitment from academia, industry and government, secondments from academia, placements and joint positions with universities, and innovative apprenticeship schemes, the Campus has emerged as a leader in the field of public sector data science.