Monarch Repatriation Operation Team

Project Delivery Award- Monarch Repatriation operation team

Department for Transport |

This nomination is for the project led by the DfT and Civil Aviation Authority, to revolutionise the way Government handles airline insolvencies. It resulted in the succesful delivery of the largest peace-time repatriation of UK citizens, following the sudden collapse of Monarch Airlines. A truly innovative project saw the CAA and DfT working with industry around the clock – and around the world – to bring people safely home on time. It avoided thousands of UK citizens being stranded overseas without accommodation or the means to get home.

The operation effectively created the UK’s fifth largest airline from scratch, hiring a fleet of over 60 planes to fly to over 30 destinations with the capacity to repatriate over 100,000 people. As a result of the well planned and executed programme, over 98% of passengers arrived back in the UK within hours of their original schedule. The operation received widespread praise from industry and passengers alike (including letters of thanks from the public). In addition a large number of those who lost their jobs at Monarch successfully found new employment with other airlines. The Prime Minister wrote to the Secretary of State to praise the work of all the people involved across Whitehall.