Matthew Bell

CSA19 - Matthew Bell

Matthew Bell led the EU Exit team at The National Archives (TNA), to meet the challenge of publishing a new body of legislation, Retained Direct EU Legislation, under Schedule 5 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, as well as capturing the details of over 80,000 amendments made by EU Exit Statutory Instruments.

Matt set out to achieve three outcomes: supporting government departments with services and tools for legislating pre and post exit; fulfilling TNA’s new duty under the Withdrawal Act; and aiding legal certainty as the UK exits the EU. Under Matt’s outstanding leadership, using a combination of both agile and waterfall approaches, his team developed and launched two new services: an archive of EU law, that aims to provide a comprehensive, permanent record of the law at EU exit; and adding EU legislation to

As legislation changes over time, brings together the texts of retained direct EU legislation with details about the UK’s corrective amendments. There is a timeline which shows, at any level of the document – the whole regulation or an article – what has changed so far and what changes on exit day.