HMPPS Digital

HMPPS Digital

Ministry of Justice |

We created HMPPS Digital to take control of, and modernise our technology, exiting expensive suppliers. We’re replacing seldom updated, fit for no one technology, with crisp modern, joined up services built around user needs. New services with the same speed, reliability, look and feel we experience applying for passports, or registering to vote.

Delivering probation services through outsourced supplier models, prisons at capacity, new psychoactive substances, more violence and fewer people to deliver with, are among the challenges we face in HMPPS.

Time for a radically different and innovative response! We’re transforming:

Brilliant Basics -modernising aging equipment making services robust, reliable and better for users

Cheaper – building digital capability, moving technology into the cloud. Rapid, controlled delivery, saving over £10m last year with more to come

Personal – bringing data and systems together with simple, modern, digital services designed for and by users

Impactful –giving people time back to do the jobs they were hired for. From court, in communities, prison to joined up services on release

Innovative -in-cell education and self service for offenders, handheld devices for prison officers, modern tools deployed in probation, used over 2.5m times in the first 2 months.