Faith, Race and Integration team

CSA19 - Faith, Race and Integration team

Following the tragic mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand, in March 2019, Muslims across the UK, as well as people from other faiths, were extremely anxious about similar events happening in the UK. Upon hearing the news of the attack, colleagues across the Integration Directorate immediately formed an emergency response team to work out what was needed to support and reassure anxious communities across the country.

They liaised with external partners to understand the concerns and issues and collaborated with Home Office and Ministers’ offices; they prepared and disseminated external reassurance messages from Ministers to support communities in coming together for Friday prayers; and they briefed and supported Ministers to go out and visibly engage across communities and faiths when it was most needed during that day, over the weekend and in subsequent weeks.

Communications were handled with extreme care and cultural and religious sensitivity, and delivered the key outcome: making the UK’s Muslim community feel supported, protected, listened to, and understood.