Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband

Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband

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Ambitious, ground-breaking and innovative. Just a few of the words that describe the £280M Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband Rest of Scotland (DSSB RoS) programme, a collaborative led by the Scottish Government on behalf of 27 local authorities and the UK and Scottish Governments.

The overarching aim - to address market failure in respect of fibre broadband access in these authorities. The result - over 97% of premises (when combined with commercial coverage) in the 27 Local Authorities now have access to fibre broadband.

Without the programme, this would have been only 71% and some areas as little as 25.1%.

As one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe, the programme has delivered on time and on budget – a tremendous success. It is funded by UK and Scottish Governments, 27 Scottish local authorities, Openreach and the European Regional Development Fund.

Scotland has a proud history of innovation and determination and the DSSB programme has lived up to that reputation.

Since 2014, DSSB has:

  • Deployed fibre broadband to over 720,000 homes and business
  • Driven take up of fibre broadband to over 43%
  • Laid 7356km of cable
  • Installed 3694 cabinets