Craig Goodwin

CSA19 - Craig Goodwin

Craig is a great, motivational leader who has reorganised a disparate group of people into a strong Digital Hub. He manages a large group of people, and yet has managed to build a cohesive and efficient team with great team spirit. They are constantly being used as an example of good practise in terms of smart working, and photos of their team meetings and working are always used in wider staff meetings.

His approach of supporting and inspiring others has created a great place to work. His work in refining and pushing the Wales Brand has led to the team's content being recognised around government, and also more widely throughout the tourism sector. Craig's team is often asked to present their social media and web content strategies and go through how they create content at external events. All of this work is monitored by and led by Craig. He has also implemented a new 'create once, publish everywhere' model approach to creating content, reducing duplication and increasing staff efficiency.