Childcare Offer Team

CSA19 - Childcare Offer Team

Robust evidence was gathered and used from an early stage to develop, implement and improve the flagship manifesto Welsh Childcare Offer policy, delivery, and legislation

Value-adding efforts included:

  • Open and collaborative stakeholder workshops, helping engender a collective understanding of objectives including improving employability, alleviating in-work poverty, increasing school readiness. Theory of change/logic modelling workshops provided an analytical framework;
  • Bespoke high quality research and analysis e.g. groundbreaking ethnography to delve deeper into understanding user needs, representative workforce survey to shape ‘We Care’ recruitment campaign
  • High quality economic modelling, assured by external peer review; informing early implementation affordability decisions by estimating take-up, justifying accelerated national delivery by one year
  • Establishing a robust monitoring system; providing regular management information for Government and Local Authorities decisions
  • Regulatory impact assessments assuring the consideration of children’s rights, equalities, and wellbeing of future generations; informing the Childcare Funding (Wales) Act
  • Embedding administrative data linking at Secure Anonymised Information Linkage Databank; to determine long-term policy outcomes for future generations
  • Independent evaluations providing evidence to improve efficiency, effectiveness and impact; informing action e.g. new capital grant supporting education/childcare alignment, grant facilitating children with additional learning needs to access childcare.