Charlotte McMillan

CSA19 -  Charlotte McMillan

Charlotte has proved that she has pride and passion for public service, always seeking out opportunities to develop herself and deliver for her customers. Before joining the Civil Service, Charlotte was studying to become a nurse when she went blind overnight in one eye and soon lost sight in the other, and can now only see around the periphery of her vision.

Realising that her lifelong dream of caring and helping people by becoming a nurse was no longer possible, and determined not to let her disability hold her back, Charlotte joined UKVI in November 2017 as an AO Operational Delivery Profession (ODP) apprentice. She had the same desire to help people, just in a different way from that originally planned.

Charlotte undertook training and, always eager to learn, she was assigned more complex work which helped her to clear probation at six months and complete her apprenticeship within a year. Charlotte excelled throughout, her work was always extremely accurate and she achieved a top four-star performance rating. Charlotte’s positive attitude allows her to deliver an incredible service, with the aim of helping people who need it most.