British Embassy Moscow, plus Police and regional support

CSA19 - British Embassy Moscow, plus Police and regional support

The objective for the 2018 Russia World Cup was to deliver a safe and secure tournament for all British football fans to Russia. Preparations began two years before any balls had been kicked, building on the best practice from past tournaments.

This prior preparation was invaluable when the goal-posts were rapidly moved following the sudden expulsion of most of the core staff from the Moscow embassy, who had been leading on the delivery, just two months before the start of the event.

They needed to rapidly find more staff (in a particularly challenging bilateral environment following the Salisbury poisonings) with the ability to support the reduced Moscow team and against a challenging visa regime. They managed this through an agile and 'networked' response from across HMG, from the London crisis response team, and from the wider Russian speaking consular staff in the region.